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The Cobbler and all that

It’s a mess in here right now, and I apologize profusely to those of you encountering my website for the first time. As a professional graphic designer it is always wise to have everything in perfect condition on your website at every moment. However, we are a lot like the cobbler who has no shoes; getting time to do my own work on my own site is sometimes almost impossible. Right now I have several major projects going on and am trying to get an entirely new dog sport (Barn Hunt) off the ground. So it’s even crazier than usual.

So why now?

Several reasons. I’ve had my current site for a couple of years. It is done in CSS and shows some CSS skills but it’s also somewhat outdated CSS code. I think my CSS can be better demonstrated in other ways. Also, these days many sites are going toward WordPress. Most of my clients like the idea of being able to update their site themselves. So using WordPress for my own site is also a good demonstration project. Using a WordPress site which has extensive filterable portfolio choices is an even better idea, as my portfolio had gotten clumsy and needed a lot of work. Once I get the site up and going, it will be easier to update my work.

So that’s the short end of a longer story I could bore you to death with, but I won’t. Meanwhile, thank you so much for your patience.

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