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Learning while doing

I just finished formatting a very complex ebook. It included many photos, illustrations, captions, bulleted and numbered lists with bolded lead ins, drop caps, a table of contents, an index, and more.

This was also a print book, and of course that I designed in InDesign. I’ll have to put something in the portfolio to contrast the two at some point, but while the conversion isn’t absolutely perfect, it’s pretty darned good and I’m pleased with it. Working the conversion from InDesign to print is quite different than Word to print. It meant me having to work through an entire lecture series on (THE go-to place to find tutorials), in this case, “InDesign CS6 to EPUB Kindle and iPad”. Well worth the time and effort though, of course, I could not bill the client for learning time.

I now feel very confident of my epub interior design skills!

  • Nancy Melone, Ph.D. on Mar 22, 2013 Reply

    I love your honesty about learning. I am a former editor (and accidental magazine designer) for the BMDCA’s The Alpenhorn. After my volunteer designer suddenly resigned (a divorce) and having no funds to hire a designer, I locked myself up for 3 weeks with and The InDesign Bible and taught myself how to design (at least technically) a magazine. It was scary but we came out on time and went on to win DWAA’s Maxwell Medallion for the magazine (Best National Breed Club Magazine). The operation was the all volunteer army! I am no longer the volunteer editor and now I am a student at the Art Institute (probably the oldest student in the history of the program, but it is a kick being in class with young, really talented kids). I must confess, like you, I still go back to my subscription to learn things that are not covered in my program. Again, I love your “I can learn” spirit! I also want to learn InDesign to epub conversion skills — glad to get your “good vibes” recommendation for the course!