• Web Design: Clean, accessible, WC3 compliant, CSS, Wordpress, usability expert.

  • Print Design: Books, brochures, posters, much more

  • Zazzle Stores with canine designs, farm and sustainabile agriculture designs, monograms

  • Almost 30 years in the dog sport world, the best choice for anyone wanting canine related logos, materials or websites.

  • Logos and branding: Clean, elegant, vector format, everything from business cards to signage.

  • Ebooks: Covers (all genres) and ebook text formatting, specializing in difficult challenges such as graphics, tables, multiple photos, etc.

Welcome to DD Graphix Dynamic Design Graphics for web, print, ebooks, logos, and much more.

Welcome to DD Graphix. Designing for all aspects of web and print. Reasonable prices, quick turnaround, responsiveness, and dedication to making your project shine. At this time I am accepting few to no new clients or commissions due to workload.

Some of my clients

Learning while doing

I just finished formatting a very complex ebook. It included many photos, …

The Cobbler and all that

It’s a mess in here right now, and I apologize profusely to …